Bed-Sheet Assistant

Project Details:

  • The main aim of this project was to come up with a 3D design of a product that would enhance the life of the aged

Design of Bed Sheet Assistant:

  • A mechanical system to assist the elderly in changing their bed sheets on their own to help them lead a better healthier life.
  • The design was done using SolidWorks as shown below:





How Does Bed Sheet Assistant Work?

A. Roller Motion on Track:





  • (top-left): An initial chord is drawn as the circle rolls forward and point P rolls on a flat plane to point P’;
  • (top-right): Multiple points are placed on the circle at regular intervals and develop tooth-like profiles;
  • (bottom-left): a roller is placed at each point to act as pinion teeth, modifying the tooth profile to create the rack teeth;
  • (bottom-right): The modified circular design of the tooth profile allows two rollers to remain loaded in opposition at all times, thus ensuring a smooth and efficient rotary motion.

B. Bed Sheet Movement:



  • Figure 2 above shows a part of the bed and how the bed sheet will move under the mattress with the help of the roller-track component
  • The bed sheet, attached to the clip that is connected to the roller, moves under the mattress
  • This allows the bed sheet to be tucked in from all the four sides
  • The bed sheet always remains clipped to the roller, hence allowing it to be removed mechanically, through the action of the roller-track design

C. Operating the Bed Sheet Assistant:

  • Open the flanks to expose the clip (attached to the rollers). Please see figure 3 below.
  • Remove the 4 clipping components.
  • Clip the two corners at one end of the bed sheet onto Clips numbered ‘2’ and the two corners on the other end of the bed sheet onto Clips numbered ‘1’.
  • Once the power is turned on, the motors start and the rollers start moving. Rollers numbered ‘2’ move first along the curved path. This allows the bed sheet to go over the front corners (A and B) of the mattress (as shown in Figure 3)
  • Once the rollers ‘2’ have reached the corners C and D of the mattress, rollers ‘1’ start moving. The motors are programmed suitably to perform the above operations automatically
  • Once the bed sheet stops moving, turn off power switch and close the flanks (at points A, B)



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