Digital Design

In this design & fabrication course, following digital tools and equipment were used to create and fabricate 3D products digitally:

1. Rhinocerous 3D software
2. Grasshopper software
3. EOS 3D printer – Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machine

A portfolio of my work is reproduced below (Best viewed on a bigger screen) :

1. An ‘extruded-3D’ image


2. A simple box designed parametrically using Grasshopper software and fabricated using a digital cutter


3. A surface panelling using ‘Box Morph’ technique in Grasshopper


4. A surface panelling using ‘Curve Attractors’ technique in Grasshopper


5. Turn-A-Pot: Parametric Design of a Pot (The pot was fabricated using the EOS SLS 3D printer)


Topics involved:

  • Advanced Surfacing
  • Parametric & Generative CAD Modelling
  • Digital Manufacturing


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