Hand-gestures Recognition

Goal: Using a depth camera, OpenCV and ROS, develop an API to recognize number of fingers from 0 to 5

Project Website:

This project was integrated into another bigger project on TurtleBot navigation and can be viewed at – http://abhipatil.site/portfolio/tbot_slam

Project Details:

The project can be summarized in the following 5 steps:

  1. Extract hand region from raw depth data
  2. Determine convex hull and convexity defects of extracted hand region
  3. Detect no. of fingers using the convexity defects from (2)
  4. Create a custom image window to show the recognition in real-time
  5. Integrate with ROS

Future work:

Improve the fingers recognition results by combining with skin-color segmentation and machine learning

This project was completed as part of the MS in Robotics (MSR) program at Northwestern University.



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