Unique Mobile Hopper-Conveyor system to increase efficiency of sand-discharge from bulk carriers

An entrepreneurship project – problem statement by Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), Singapore

Project Details:

  • InnoVenture was a technopreneurship competition at National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Our group (consisting of 3 members) secured top position out of 6 participating teams
  • Keen interest was shown by a few companies to take this project to commercialization stage
  • The challenge was to understand the actual problems faced, propose a solution and a business plan, and develop a prototype for a real-life problem by Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), Singapore

Problem Statement (Provided by JTC):

Increase the efficiency of sand discharge from Bulk Carriers

Our Solution:

Unique mobile Hopper-Conveyor system that reduces the total time of discharge by half (Note: On the InnoVenture website, the name of our solution is given as ‘MaxMobile’)

  • We developed a working prototype to validate our proposed solution (video as above);
  • The following poster summarizes our view of the problem, our proposed solution and the business plan we put forth –



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