A project on Product Design – Design for Manufacturing (DFM) by Rapid Prototyping (RP) methods


  • Design a 3D model of ‘complex’ object
  • Determine the key features of the selected object that need to be met after fabrication
  • Determine the appropriate Rapid Prototype (RP) process – (an additive manufacturing process)
  • Determine the parameters of the chosen RP process that need to be tuned for best fabrication results

Chosen Object: ‘Kalash’:

  • ‘Kalash’ is used as a decorative motif in Indian art
  • It is usually made of metals like bronze, copper, silver and gold. It comes in various designs, sizes, patterns and finishes
  • Fabrication of ‘Kalash’ using RP process needs to adhere to the following properties –
  • The RP prototype will be further used as pattern for investment casting.
  • The prototype has a smooth surface finish.
  • The size of the prototype is such that it fits in a 20 cm by 20 cm cuboid.



Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) was chosen based on following factors:

  • Speed of process
  • Accuracy
  • Support structures
  • Cost

For SLS, four parameters affect the quality of part:

  • Part orientation
  • Powder properties
  • Laser beam
  • Machine operation
  • In this assignment, focus was on optimal part orientation. Following part orientation was determined to be optimal as it achieves minimum build height and hence, minimum build time, and minimum surface roughness:



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